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Food is Life

“Food as medicine = simple perfection.”

Welcome to Brain Food Health

Fatigued? Can’t sleep? Skin issues? Unstable energy levels? Low libido? Sick of dieting? Poor immune system? Brain fog? Poor concentration? Mood swings? Stressed? Bloated? Gassy? Itchy ? Brittle nails and hair?

These and more are all symptoms of health issues that Clinical Nutrition can help with. Fix the cause and ditch the band-aid.


My nutritional programs are science based and results driven. Empowering nutrition information, carefully constructed to fit your life and your goals.

Enter into a non-judgemental space where we collaborate on bringing you back to a place of optimum health.

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Have you experienced: feeling run down, tired, have trouble sleeping, anxiety, extreme body temperature changes, cramps, reduced libido or painful periods? Know that you are not alone and help is on hand. Contact me to find out how I can help you come back to a place of vibrant health .