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About Me

Bek is a passionate Clinical Nutritionist who dreams of living in an age where people love and nurture their bodies. Breaking free of the “restriction mentality” and of self criticism through empowering food and lifestyle change is the driving force behind the way that Bek practices.

Bek is a degree qualified nutritionist, and holds a Bachelor of health science in the field.

Bek operates both from her clinic in Burswood , WA and online. Providing the option of virtual consults to anyone who needs them, irrespective of distance.

Bek Sutton
Bek SuttonClinical Nutritionist
Bek has special areas of interest in managing: mental health, gut health, womens hormones, blood sugar regulation and metabolic health. She has a focus toward whole food nutrition and a higher fat, lower carbohydrate lifestyle.


After meeting with Bek I felt empowered to make good decisions about what I ate. Bek worked on a tailored plan that encouraged me to take steps to improve my concentration, sleep patterns and stress levels. I felt listened to and understood. Bek’s friendly and honest approach was a refreshing change and I hope to work with her further in the future. 

Zoe L

A friend recommended Bek to me as I needed some guidance with my nutrition. Being on a low budget my options were limited, but I decided to give it a go, as I have never seen a nutritionist before.
I was pleasantly surprised by Bek’s demeanour. She is friendly, vibrant and has a wonderful sense of humour. She asked a series of questions about my health and wellbeing, and was very sensitive to my needs as well as keeping the atmosphere professional. I found her very encouraging and positive.
We decided together on a plan to make some changes to my diet, especially being on a low budget she came up with a variety of options as was flexible when I mentioned there were certain foods I prefer not to eat, and adjusted accordingly. Her knowledge of nutrition is AMAZING! I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking guidance with nutrition and creating healthy routines in their life. 

Kyle S

Bek really takes the time to understand your concerns and goals, and provides really positive and valuable feedback (even if she is telling you to cut out your favourite food!).
Bek made me feel very comfortable during our consultations and was really adaptable yet encouraging when changes needed to be made to my diet. I would definitely recommend Bek to anyone who is looking for a nutritionist! 🙂

Caitriona B