The egg diet. Cracked open.

The egg diet. Cracked open.


The “egg diet” cracked open .. 

Welcome to the first of many “diet” reviews. I wish to systematically sort through the masses of diets out there for your pleasure. Disclaimer, expect puns, sarcasm and some science.

The sample diet looks much like this

Breakfast – 2 boiled eggs and ½ a grapefruit

Lunch- Roast chicken without skin with green salad

Dinner- 2 egg omelet with spinach

My opinion on this in regards to health is that it simply wouldn’t get you there. 

And here is why 

  • Most people are carbohydrate burners, this diet would leave them feeling absolutely egg-shausted after a couple of days (I seriously can’t help myself) due to lack of carbohydrates. The body can hold a maximum of 700g of stored carbohydrate, this system needs topping up every few hours. This diet would not provide any carb replenishment other than the grapefruit.
  • This diet may have been formulated to mimic the early days of a protocol designed to get you into a fat burning state… with one major flaw … it doesn’t provide you with adequate fat to entice your body to start running from that energy source either. Leaving you seriously short in the energy department.
  • Let’s assume that when you do a green salad or spinach, you do it huge, you could probably get some nice nutrients from those and the eggs and chicken … it wouldn’t be the end of health as we know it. There would be some things missing but its sustainable right?
  • I must protest. The need for dietary variety is strong, not only for our body but for our mind! Can you imagine eating this diet for the rest of your life? No, neither can I. This alone means that it Is destined to fail.


The effects on your body weight

  • If you are following this diet to drop some kilos, then this may assist you in the egg-stremely (ok that’s the last one I promise) short term. To accomplish this small feat of human effort you will have be a stubborn, slightly masochistic and hungry individual. You will first lose some water weight as your carbohydrate load drops. Carbohydrates carry 6 times their weight in water so as carbs are limited you will experience that fluid disappearing. If you manage to persevere further you will start to feel exhausted and dizzy, this is a combination of dehydration and your metabolism responding to the food shortage by slowing down.
  • The slowing of metabolism at this stage is regulated by the hypothalamic pituitary axis. The body is very good at recognizing that food is scarce and turning off non- essential systems to conserve energy (think sex hormone production, hardly essential to be breeding in a famine is it?).
  • The real kicker in this process is when you finally choose life and eat all of the food to satisfy your now increased hunger, your body has the “famine mentality” and will make sure it can put away plenty of fat stores so that you can survive the next famine. Fat, unlike carbohydrate is an abundant energy source and we can store it very efficiently. Most people who use an extreme diet, short term gain their original weight and then some, this is known as “yo-yoing”

In conclusion. Just don’t do it, we are not robots. We are lovely humans who can have a filling and pleasurable way of eating that will optimize health and enhance our energy, metabolism and physical composition. Kick the diet mentality to the curb and enjoy life!

If you do have issues with your health and want to make some transformation happen, get in touch to find out how I can help!