Keto Diet Dissection

Keto Diet Dissection

Keto diet review


Hi all and welcome back to the place where I dissect some trendy diets in a nutritional fashion.

This Month’s review covers the “Keto diet”, which is culturally “so hot right now”!


Let’s have a nice overview of what this diet claims to do then!


The premise is that our culture has evolved to a point where we have easy access to a wide variety of foods and as a preferential choice our bodies run largely using the metabolism of carbohydrates.

The “keto diet” is about re-wiring our bodies metabolism, switching it over to the preferential burning of fat for fuel, rather than carbs.

Sources that promote this diet claim many things, such as anti-inflammatory action from the use of ketone bodies as fuel (these ketone bodies are the end product of fat breakdown in the body) to seizure reduction in epileptic people (massive volumes of scientific evidence support this) and even increased athletic performance over the long term.


Things I liked


I personally took this diet for a spin over a 6 month period to see what it would do. Here is a short list of the highlights.


  • No more seasonal or cat allergies!
  • Hugely improved mental focus
  • Improved skin quality and softness (moisturized from the inside out)
  • No more hangry Bek- sugar cravings totally gone
  • Huge reductions in endometriosis related pain through the month


 Things I didn’t like


There are many people on the internet spouting the “correct” way to do this diet. Many of them base the prescribed macro nutrient balance on medical studies using unwell people. Chances are that if you are not unwell, you won’t need to be this rigid.


There are some studies available that chart long term ketosis (the medical term used to describe nutritional generation of ketones via fat breakdown) in athletes, but chances are the studies have been done exclusively on men. This really gives us very little indication of how women perform under the same conditions.


There is a common misconception that a ketogenic diet is one based on bacon and butter. Sure, you could do it like that, but what about the nutrient adequacy? Sooner or later that party will just come crashing down!


Conclusions and musings


This “ketogenic diet” could be a fantastic gateway into the lower carb higher fat (LCHF) way of eating, and in many ways, is totally essential (short term) to improve your bodies metabolic diversity. The insistence that “keto is the only way” is amusing at best, and downright damaging at worst.


I have personally transitioned from strict “keto” to LCHF and have found that some really cool things happened when I did so.


  • The fastest exercise recovery I have ever experienced
  • I can lift heavy and do explosive exercise fasted
  • I sleep so well
  • I kept all the health benefits that I gained from the “keto phase”


The top three things were heavily impaired on a strict Ketogenic protocol. Of-course this was a number 1 experiment, with a study group of me, but valid none the less.


In conclusion, if you are a healthy active human and you want to jump on the “keto” bandwagon, then do it! Just make sure that you have the support of a nutrition professional who is experienced in the LCHF way of eating to get you over the bumpy bits and tailor the approach to fit your lifestyle.