“The Wolverine Diet reveiw”

“The Wolverine Diet reveiw”

The “Wolverine Diet” review


Hi everyone! Welcome back to the monthly diet dissection space.

So this is an exciting diet for me to de-construct, because who doesn’t love wolverine? More specifically, who doesn’t love Hugh Jackman?


Anyways, that being said. Lets crack on with all  the info about this way of eating.



Diet outline


High protein all the way here. There are several different places that are advising on how to achieve this way of eating but all of them can agree that high protein and high green veggie intake is key.


Some macro-nutrient splits (carbohydrates, protein and fats) that are recommended are


Protein 50%, Carbohydrates 20% Fat 30%

The protein volume can also be calculated by using 2g per kilo of body weight.


Some other key phrases that seem to be thrown around are “intermittent fasting” and “carb cycling”


What “intermittent fasting” means is that essentially you engineer a smaller window of time that you eat through the day (between 10am and 6pm for example). In the context of workouts, one group are suggesting that a fasted AM workout will increase fat loss and boost muscle mass more quickly.


Carb cycling is simply the use of carbohydrates strategically around workouts and consuming less of them on non-workout days.


What I liked


The diet, when achieved from a whole food perspective leaves very little for a nutritionist to be upset about. It is abundant in green veggies, animal proteins, nuts and seeds.


The diet seems to be free from any packaged food …. What’s not to love about that?! Massive win in my book.


The use of carbs strategically to enhance workouts is also something I really enjoyed, and something that will probably get you killer results from your sweat sessions.





What I didn’t like


Some of the people “bigging up” this diet, were clearly doing it from a sales perspective and were heavily recommending that the increased protein be mainly from shake sources … Something that could leave you no-better health wise and in some cases, dealing with some unpleasant digestive issues plus, costing you a bomb.


I personally tried to eat in a restricted window (yup, of course I trialed the diet myself haha) and just didn’t find it achievable. With a super flexible eating/ work life schedule it would probably work, but if you have fixed breaks then this might be harder to achieve.


The idea of this diet is to eat smaller meals through the day, possibly up to 6 meals. This concept is a funny one, as another form of intermittent fasting would be to leave bigger breaks between meals. I guess it’s a personal choice, but I’m a 3 meal a day human and that works best for me.




This diet, combined with a killer exercise plan will certainly start to shift your physique for the better if you focus on getting your macros on point through whole foods.

Why not give it a trial yourself?

Hell, I did and after two weeks of a slight calorie deficit combined with strategic carbs and some hectic gym activity I gained two kilos of muscle and lost two kilos of fat …. All I can say is .. Winning!